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Bathroom Custom Stained Glass

bathroom custom stained glass windos

Bathroom custom stained glass is one of our specialties at Scottish Stained Glass. Working with clients all across the country, we create solutions that complete or at least compliment the look and feel of your bathroom.

Bathrooms are a unique opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful craftsmanship passed down through the Scottish artisans for centuries.  The knowledge and expertise Scottish Stained Glass has amassed during more than 20 years in business allows us to build some of the world’s most beautiful leaded glass windows.   Our technique and materials are industry leading and our designers have the experience to listen to your needs and develop solutions to fit your specific situation.

The installation of these custom stained glass panels is very simple.  The new panels are simply bonded to existing clear glass windows.  Scottish Stained Glass ships all the materials necessary for installation and provides complete instructions and free technical support to homeowners throughout the United States.  If homeowners prefer, Scottish Stained Glass will arrange for and carry out all installation work anywhere in the country.

We aren’t the nations leading provider of custom stained glass for no reason.  Check out the details of our work and you will see why home after home, many of our clients keep coming back!

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