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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

The Bowen residence was one of the most amazing custom stained glass jobs we’ve ever worked on. The whole project from initial conversations took around 2 years to complete.

Mike, the homeowner is a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass. At first we looked at simply designing some beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright influenced stained glass for the existing windows in the home but then Mike decided to take his renovation to a whole different level. Martin Faith of Scottish Stained Glass explains, “I didn’t hear from Mike for several months and wondered if he had simply forgotten about the whole thing. However, when he called me and explained his vision it just blew me away. Mike decided to demolish most of his home and rebuild it to allow him to install a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass frontage to the home.

The photos on this page show the finished project. The scale is huge. The bottom middle piece alone is 70” x 70” with over 600 pieces of glass. It took me over a week to draw it and my CAD designer took 2 weeks to redraw it in the computer. It was worth the time however as we were able to print full size plans and show them to Mike before building the stained glass panels. Mike had even been to visit some of the original Frank Lloyd Wright homes and was able to provide us with a great insight into the look and feel of the colors, textures and proportions of the stained glass. As a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass follower the day of the installation was truly memorable. I think we all stood back and just gazed at the glass for over an hour. The combination of the colors and clear glass worked perfectly and the finished result was worth every one of the hundreds of hours we put into the project.”

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