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Custom Bathroom Stained Glass

Upon visiting the home of Mark and Pam Bergeland and speaking with them about their master bathroom, Abbey Lyon of Scottish Stained Glass found that an arrangement of six windows of their tub.  While intended to be a nice custom design feature the window was actually causing them quite a bit of trouble. Pam had been hesitant to install blinds in the windows, as she really wanted to allow as much light into the bathroom as possible, but the proximity of the neighbor’s yard next door was a major concern.  Abbey explained that with a custom stained glass design, we could provide more privacy it would still allowing excellent day lighting. Additionally, the installation of this one-of-a-kind design features in the will increase the resale value of the house.

Abbey says, “Working with the Bergelands on their design was especially rewarding for me, as the process was extremely collaborative from the beginning. Before our initial design appointment, the Bergelands had done extensive research on what types of custom designs they might like for their stained glass. I was able to take some of those design elements and combine them with some of my own recommendations. The detailing around the border was actually formed by disassembling an existing bevel cluster that had plenty of scrollwork and rearranging the pieces into a completely new, visually appealing arrangement. We also elected to add two corner bevels to complete the symmetry of the “frame”. Mark, Pam, and I spent a lot of time together exploring the options in regards to bevel clusters for the centers of the larger panels; I was able to guide them towards stained glass pieces that were complimentary to both the style of the border and to each other. The upper, smaller sized customized windows served to accent the heavier detailing of the large windows while creating their own design “flow” across the top of the main focal point.”

Because the design itself was quite detailed, the Bergelands wanted to keep the custom stained glass selections relatively simple. We chose to use a hammered glass as the main portion of the design, which allowed plenty of light through on the interior of the bathroom, but obscured the view from the neighbor’s yard outside of the house. Borders and additional scrollwork were done in a waterglass, which both complimented the clear bevels and contrasted nicely against the heavier texture of the hammered glass. The use of the computer program to finalize the layout, as well as the detailed interaction between client and designer, the Bergelands had a good understanding of what their custom windows would look like once complete, and they were extremely pleased with the finished product.

From the Client

“We contacted Scottish Stained Glass, because we had large windows in our bathroom that faced north. We really wanted to keep as much light in the bathroom as possible, but also wanted privacy from our neighbors, so did not want to put in blinds or curtains. Abby came to our home, and together we designed six windows that looked good with our decor, and the architecture of our home. We then went to a home show that Scottish Stained Glass was at, and looked at many samples of glass. The home show really helped us see which types of glass looked good next to each other, and which glasses were “see-through.” Through this process, whenever we had questions about the design, the cost, or the delivery, Abby always called us back within 24 hours to answer our questions.

We then approved our design, and the windows were made. We were super impressed with our installers. They were precise, careful, nice, and installed our windows perfectly.

We were glad we decided to go with Scottish Stained glass because of their attention to detail, their willingness to answer any questions we had during any part of the process, and of course, the quality of the final project.”

Pam Bergeland

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