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Unique Bathroom Stained Glass

The Amirob House and it’s beautiful custom stained glass was built in 2008 as part of the “Parade of Homes”, an annual event showcasing the best that custom home building has to offer. We’ve called this home the Amirob house as a tribute to the homes interior designer, Micky Ackerman, owner of Amirob and Associates.

Martin Faith of Scottish Stained Glass was the stained glass designers for the master bathroom which includes the shower room and the Powder room. The builder wanted to make a spectacular statement in the bathroom and at the same time the house was still for sale so the glass needed to be beautiful but practical at the same time. The home was built around a central courtyard and the master bathroom tub stained glass faces the kitchen at the other side of the house. Privacy was a major consideration and the stained glass needed to allow light to come through but block out all viewing from the outside. The shower window is an interior leaded glass between the main part of the master bathroom and the shower enclosure. In this case the stained glass can only be seen from inside the master bathroom. We chose “waterglass” here as it has an elegant look and in this case it distorts rather than blocks the vision into the shower.

The powder room was an interesting design challenge. As you can see the window is split into 4 small panes. Martin used 4 corner beveled clusters and arranged them in the center to look like it was a central medallion design. Many homeowners have these types of windows installed but in most cases they believe it’s not possible to install stained glass but as you can see here that’s not the case.

It’s always satisfying to be able to provide a practical element along with the beauty of any stained glass project and in this case we have all the bases covered. The stained glass provides privacy, natural light, beauty and elegance. The builder was happy too. He sold the home the first day it came on the market.

After purchasing the home, the new homeowner added stained glass in the exterior bedroom doors. Barb Timmons of Scottish Stained Glass designed these. One of the great features of the Scottish method of stained glass is that it can be added to any existing window without the need to remove that existing glass. Therefore when homeowners are building a new home and temporarily run out of cash they can install a window with clear glass and simply add the leaded glass later. The same goes for any remodeling of an existing home where the stained glass can be added at any time and the installation is so simple that anyone can do it.

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