The Mauritson Kitchen custom stained glass was designed by Barb Timmons and Martin Faith of Scottish Stained Glass.

The home was featured on DIY Network TV Show “Rescue Renovations” on an episode that premiered in September 2010.

The glass from the upper cabinet doors was removed and replaced using a simple craftsman stained glass design that included some some square beveled pieces customized the fit the odd shape of the doors. The glass used was GNA (German New Antique) which gives a very slightly distorted look but allows almost full viewing into the kitchen cabinets. Barbara says, “When using leaded glass of this kind in a cabinet door it’s important to have objects inside the cabinets which are attractive to look at. Crystal glasses etc. are ideal but if you want to store items that are less attractive then we would use a more textured glass or a colored glass which would be harder to see through”.

The main windows in the kitchen face the side wall of the neighbor’s house. These had been covered with some ugly looking blinds. The windows were double hung vertical sliders but the homeowners very rarely opened them because to do so meant raising the blinds and exposing the inside of their kitchen to viewing from outside.

When customizing a stained glass design for these panels Martin decided to have a mixture of textures and a splash of color. Martin says, “The homeowners, Tad and Katya are big fans of craftsman stained glass. Their home has a craftsman feel to it both outside and inside so I was delighted to be able to design stained glass with the craftsman geometric look of squares and rectangles. The textures and colors draw the focus of your vision to the stained glass itself and not beyond. It’s kind of like the way a camera focuses on the subject of a photo and not on the background. Thus the view of the house behind becomes almost invisible as you look at the unique stained glass panels. The colors were chosen to coordinate with some of the glassware, tiles, flooring and other fixtures. The installation of the stained glass was done by simply bonding each of the 4 stained glass panels to the existing window panes, without removing any of the existing glass. This is a simple and very cost effective way of adding stained glass to an existing operational window. I think we really solved all the problems here with the addition of our customized stained glass. We’ve hidden the ugly view, solved the privacy issue, added beauty and color and the windows themselves are now easier to open and close.”