Installing custom stained glass windows is the downfall of some companies.  While they may be able to design and build beautiful custom stained glass windows, installing them successfully into your home or office requires just the right amount of experience and ingenuity.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we generally provide three different kinds of installations for our custom stained glass.

This first (and most preferable) method of installation is to bond our stained glass windows to the interior of a new or existing window, a process that is beneficial in many ways.  Because the stained glass is installed on the inside of your house,protected from the outside elements, it will last for many decades without maintenance or cleaning.  Stained glass windows bonded on the interior of your home can also be uninstalled relatively easily and taken with you to a new home should a homeowner ever desire to do so.  This first approach also allows you to enjoy all the beauty of our custom stained glass designs without sacrificing the energy efficiency that are provided by double or triple paned windows.

The second preferred method of installation involves ordering your stained glass totally encased within its own window frame.  This method allows your custom stained glass window to be shipped safely and installed easily as a single piece of glass.  This approach is perfect for bathrooms or other rooms with inadequate ventilation or excessive humidity.  By encasing our stained glass between 2 other pieces of normal clear glass, we prevent the occurance of any kind of steam or condensation build up.   The encasement method also allows us to integrate our stained glass designs into operable windows such as double hungs, sliders, and casement windows without sacrificing the windows’ functionality.

Our third and final method of installation involves removing an entire existing window and replacing it with our custom stained glass.  While this method is less energy-efficient than the previous two methods, is has certain benefits for specific types of clients.  Historic homes often use this method of installation in order to maintain the historic integrity of their designs.  Certain commercial clients want their consumers on both sides of the stained glass window to be able to see and all of the intricate details of the window.  Certain churches need this kind of installation to match their existing stained glass.  And in some cases, especially small, odd shaped windows, it is merely a much more efficient solution to easily fill the space with a custom stained glass window, rather than trying to find or build a custom-sized double our triple pane window.

Whatever your custom stained glass needs, call or email Scottish Stained Glass today to learn more about all the choices you have for installing stained glass in your home or business.