Custom stained glass windows are not only beautiful additions to your home, but serve to increase the resale value of your home when you put it on the market.  Although many of our stained glass windows could be uninstalled and taken with you to your new home, we make each window custom to fit the exact dimensions of your window.  We generally advise our clients to keep the stained glass in their homes and help it boost the home’s resale value.

Stained glass entryways, sidelights, and transoms make a great first impression on potential home buyers and can turn a standard entryway into a stunning show piece.  Stained glass kitchen cabinets, pantry doors, or kitchen windows are the kinds of little details that make a home memorable.  Custom stained glass in bathrooms gives smaller bathrooms a unique, artisan feeling and lends itself to making larger bathrooms feel like a luxurious, private get away.

When evaluating how much customs stained glass windows will increase your home’s resale value, it obviously varies depending on the size of the windows but we suggest that at minimum, a custom stained glass window can raise your resale value by $500.

If you have any questions about designing, installing, or even removing and transporting your custom stained glass windows call or email us today.