Stained glass window for your bathroom serve to provide both privacy and natural light into the most private room in your home. Because so many of today’s bathrooms are built with large windows over the bathtub, a need has emerged to some how obscure these windows without blocking light that makes them so desirable. Custom stained glass windows are a perfect choice to accomplish such a goal.

Both beautiful and functional custom stained glass windows can be built to any size and style, as a compliment to your bathroom’s existing decorations or a centerpiece to a new aesthetic. Scottish Stained Glass has completed more than 8,000 custom stained glass bathroom windows around the country over our last 20 years of operation.

We come into your home and after hearing your design preferences create photoshop mockups and then full sized CAD designs that let you see exactly what your finished product will look like. During the process you also get to see the hundreds of glass colors and styles from which you get to choose.

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