Sometimes homes have oddly shaped windows that just make a room a bit awkward. It’s not that they aren’t necessarily attractive or really have an impact on your privacy, but they just feel awkward. This was the case for 2 kitchen windows we recently completed in Colorado. This photo illustrates how these windows, just above the kitchen counter looks gorgeous with the addition of some leaded and beveled glass.

In the case of this particular client, the addition of custom stained glass worked well because the small part of their backyard that they were seeing through the kitchen windows was simply distracting. By putting the new glass in the windows, they are no longer distracted by the view of the dog running around the yard. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, they also found that the sun glinting on the glass bevels added some spectacular visual appeal to their already beautiful kitchen. Their neighbors, friends, and family have all commented on what a nice finishing touch the glass provided.

In addition to the beauty, it’s also important to note that these stained glass solutions enhance the resale value of your property and make it more memorable to potential buyers. In certain cases real estate agents have contacted us directly before listing a home to add stained glass to certain particularly problematic areas.

While most the the stained or leaded glass we provide is for bathrooms and entryways, perhaps the most fun projects we undertake are these oddly shaped or placed windows. Because of their oddity, our solutions represent truly unique custom works of art.
Whatever stained glass application you might be considering, contact Scottish Stained Glass today to learn more about what we can do for you. Kitchen cabinet stained glass is an easy and inexpensive way to add some dazzle to your kitchen. A family crest stained glass pieces makes a great one of a kind gift for family members and organization crests are often used as retirement gifts. Check out these and many, many more applications at our main website

Martin Faith

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, art connoisseur, and the owner of Custom Stained Glass. Martin learned how to make stained glass windows in Glasgow and possesses over 35 years of industry experience. After moving to the United States, he began selling items from his antique collection and opened his own studio. Today, his company produces some of the finest stained glass windows in the nation. Over the years, Martin's company has created more than 50,000 custom stained glass, beveled, and leaded glass windows for homes, churches, and buildings across the country.