Custom Stained Glass

Settling for anything when it comes to your home isn’t a pleasant experience, and we don’t think anyone who should have to do it. At Scottish Home Improvements, everything that we create is custom, so you’ll be able to get exactly what you want, not just an “okay” version of it. Each client works with an expert designer to take your vision of stained glass and make it a reality.

Custom Stained Glass Styles

When you buy leaded glass from big-box stores, settling for a mediocre design is only one problem. These windows are mass-produced, giving you no originality for your home, and a much lower quality of workmanship throughout the piece.

On the other hand, choosing custom stained glass means that you’re getting an authentic, hand-built piece of glasswork that has been made specifically for you. We combine traditional methods with newer technology to offer our clients durable windows that can, if cared for properly, really last forever in a home. Why not make your investments in items that express your own style and that are really functional for your home?

While stained glass is functional for privacy in a home, style is a big part of what we do here. Our custom process allows us to take designs that you may have seen, and modify them to fit into your unique space, or tweak them to be perfect for your personal tastes. We can start with a general idea like Frank Lloyd Wright, Mission, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, floral, or Celtic knots to get an idea of what you like, and work towards your perfect design.

Using colored glass, which is typically associated with stained glass, is not necessary in your window. In fact, many of our clients who choose our leaded glass choose to only use textured, colorless glasses to add privacy, and still have a simple, maneuverable look.

Custom Stained Glass with Scottish

Scottish Stained Glass is the largest studio of its kind in the country. Our expert craftsmen build only authentic leaded glass, ensuring that each client gets the most out of their glasswork, whether in terms of privacy or for beauty. If you would like more information on custom stained glass for your home, give us a call or send an email today. We’ll set you up with an expert to begin working on a beautiful addition to your living space immediately!