At Scottish Stained Glass, the custom windows we produce are available in any shapes or size and an astonishing array of beautiful and distinctive designs. One of the more popular kinds of designs among our nationwide clients is the style that leapt into prominence in the early part of the twentieth century, known as Art Deco. Beginning around the 1920s, the Deco movement ran hot for a couple of decades, then went out of style for a time due to so much inferior, mass produced products.

But Art Deco was too beautiful, too distinctive, too classy to disappear forever. This style has gone in and out of popularity throughout the years, but regardless of the decade, Art Deco is simply classic design. Art Deco is known for its decorative linear symmetry and its mathematical and geometric roots. It’s dramatic, eye catching, and gives a distinct feel and flair to a room, whether in the furnishings or the artwork.

Geometric shapes and chevrons take give this style a modern edge which will complement both today’s newer homes, and more classic, older homes. It’s all about your taste, your décor, your vision for your home.

In fact, Art Deco is not just one specific, rigid style, but contains elements of various different styles, depending on the artist’s tastes. They include Neoclassical, Constructivism, Cubism, Modernism, Art Nouveau, and even Futurism.

Would an Art Deco design work in your home, office, storefront, hotel, or commercial building? Take a look at some Art Deco stained glass designs here.

To get more of a feel for the whole Art Deco period, including furniture and other furnishings, and to see if it might be just the thing to take your home to the next level of design, click here. And don’t forget, since all our stained glass windows are custom designed and hand built, if you see something you like in one of these galleries, our designers can do something similar for your windows.

Throughout our decades in business, we have designed hundreds of Art Deco custom stained glass windows for our clients nationwide. Scottish Stained Glass can design, build, and install stained glass windows in the Art Deco style for any area of your home.

Are you a Deco aficionado? Or are you just becoming aware of its charms? Either way, our designers would love to work with you, designing the perfect piece to turn any room in your home or commercial space into a show stopper.

If you have Art Deco furniture, or other Deco artworks on your walls, our stained glass panels will add that magical finishing touch that takes a room from well furnished to wow! Don’t be surprised if your custom Art Deco stained glass windows become conversation starters, sources of envy for your friends, and fought over as family heirlooms by your family.