Art comes in so many different mediums, different visions, different shapes and forms. Some people enjoy paintings or pottery, others are into sculptures and statues, or maybe someone you know likes glass. A lot of people have never considered glass as an art form, but the art of stained glass dates back many centuries. It has been admired, coveted, created, and collected for a very long time, without a let up.

Stained glass comes in various shapes, sizes, and applications. If you’re an art connoisseur and would like to start a unique collection that will stand the test of time, why not think about custom stained glass art? The kind you have a hand in designing yourself!

If you’re an art lover who’d like to leave something valuable to your descendants, something that can be passed down and appreciated for generations to come, something that will not fade or tear, again, why not think about custom stained glass art?

Stained glass windows that you have installed in your home today can always be removed, and taken to a new home. They are more portable (when packed and shipped correctly, of course) than you might first suspect. So it’s not a case of collecting custom stained glass art, and then having to leave it behind if you move, or sell your home.

Yes, it’s a whole different kind of art collection. And speaking of art collections, we are very proud of our collection of custom stained glass art; antique, one-of-a-kind windows we imported from Scotland. Yes, they are for sale. Take a look at the Scottish Antique Collection right here.

When it comes to custom stained glass art and collections, it doesn’t have to just be windows. Door panels, screens, even light fixtures and kitchen cabinet doors can all be made from stained glass, giving your home a unique look like no other. And the fact that stained glass designs can be made to your tastes makes your collection that much more precious to you.

Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright definitely considered stained glass to be an art form. He called the many stained glass windows he included as part of his buildings, “light screens.” Isn’t that a beautiful term, which really describes the effect of stained glass in a home, with the sun pouring through?

Another idea is to have a family crest made from stained glass, that will definitely turn into a collector’s item within your family. We make our custom stained glass art with the most modern materials and construct it to last for generations, but it is glass, so no fighting over it!

So if you are looking for a whole new kind of art collection, one that combines value and beauty and practicality, we hope you’ll consider custom stained glass. Why not schedule a consultation with us today?

Martin Faith

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, art connoisseur, and the owner of Custom Stained Glass. Martin learned how to make stained glass windows in Glasgow and possesses over 35 years of industry experience. After moving to the United States, he began selling items from his antique collection and opened his own studio. Today, his company produces some of the finest stained glass windows in the nation. Over the years, Martin's company has created more than 50,000 custom stained glass, beveled, and leaded glass windows for homes, churches, and buildings across the country.