When it comes to lighting your home, natural light is usually the popular option. People buy or reject homes frequently based on how light or dark the home appears. Most of us crave natural light and love living in light infused spaces, which is one of the many reasons we also love living in sunny Colorado.

The trend in homes has been for more and bigger windows for many decades now. But with all this natural light comes the age-old dilemma of giving up privacy for light. After all, the bigger your windows, the easier others can see into your home.

Privacy and light issues can also have to do with proximity. If your bathroom windows face your neighbors’ and are a bit too close for comfort, you need more privacy, but don’t want to block the light by using curtains or shades. The same might hold true for your bedroom windows. And if your entryway has sidelights, particularly if it faces a busy street with a lot of pedestrian traffic, you might have privacy and light issues there as well.

So what is the best, most unique, most satisfying, most aesthetically pleasing, and most gorgeous solution?

It’s simple. By installing clear leaded or stained glass windows, you can solve two problems with one solution. Privacy and light – now you’ll have them both.

Not to mention turning your home into an eye-catching, value enhancing work of art. At Custom Stained Glass, we have over two decades of creating custom designed, hand built, exquisitely crafted stained glass windows to solve privacy and light issues in the most original and imaginative way we can come up with.

If you don’t want strangers peeking in through your sidelights, beautiful frosted, opaque, or even beveled glass designs will solve the problem and still let the light shine into your foyer, which is frequently one of the darkest parts of a home.

If you have basement windows that provide slivers of desperately needed daylight, but open onto an ugly window guard or stem of a bush or clump of weeds, beautify them with stained glass windows that enhance your décor and let the light shine.

Are you getting the gist? Most people think of stained glass as purely decorative, and it certainly can be. But it can also provide practical solutions to real problems as well. And yes, with our special installation methods, your windows will still be functional even after your new, custom stained glass is installed. Good news, if you love fresh air in your home as much as you love natural sunlight.

So privacy and light no longer need to conflict in your home. Why not give us a call at Custom Stained Glass to find out more about the benefits of adding stained glass to your home. (Did you know it raises the value of your home as well?)

We look forward to collaborating with you!