I’m sure you have seen stained glass in churches, as well as different areas of your home. When it comes to stained glass, most people immediately think of either windows or door panels. Or perhaps Tiffany lampshades. Those are the most traditional uses of this particular art form.

However, there are various non-traditional uses for stained glass that will add a huge amount of uniqueness, color, and flair to your home. One that is recently gaining in popularity is custom patio stained glass.

Have you ever considered stained glass for your patio or deck? Stained glass doesn’t have to fit in a window frame. Our hanging stained glass pieces can be custom designed to fit your tastes and can also be hung from just about anywhere. They can hang from your deck, or even be made into a freestanding panel, a kind of stained glass sculpture if you will.

Working with Custom Stained Glass, you are free to have the colors, the patterns, they style, even the size and shape stained glass piece that