Do you have a vacation home, cabin, or ski lodge in the mountains? If you do, you might consider some custom stained glass work to add some unique style to your mountain home. Custom Stained Glass can design something that will fit your mountain home’s current decor.

Coloradoans love to get away into the mountains because of the beauty and the peace. They love to decorate their mountain homes with the same care and attention to detail that they gave to their city dwellings. So why not custom stained glass windows, doors, or even lighting fixtures?

Mountain homes run the gamut from modern condos in Vail to little old log cabins hidden away on an unknown mountain side, and everything in between. And Custom Stained Glass can make designs that are modern, antique inspired, and everything in between as well. So whatever style of mountain lodge you own, there will definitely be a style of stained glass that will complement it and take the décor to a whole new level.

Speaking of styles, a perfect custom stained glass style for any mountain home would be our signature Aspen Collection. These patterns, inspired by the Rocky Mountains’ ubiquitous and stunning Aspen trees, bring the beauty of an Aspen forest right into your home.

Take a look at our signature Aspen collection right here.

What other stained glass styles or designs might be perfect for your mountain home? Well, you tell us! Do you love the Mission Style, as popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright and other designers of that era? Or do you love modern, geometric inspired styles? Would you like your kitchen cabinet doors redone with the same stained glass panel in each, or would you love to see a design that stretches across the doors, across your kitchen, like a mural?

When it comes to custom stained glass for your mountain home, we have twenty years worth of delighted clients and detailed experience behind us. We will work with you to create the perfect stained glass pieces for your home, whether windows, doors, skylights, lighting fixtures, or even hanging panels or garden sculptures.

When we say custom, we mean it! Each piece we do is custom designed to your tastes and specifications, then it is hand-crafted the old fashioned way: one highly skilled artisan, cutting each piece of glass and assembling it by hand. This ancient art form has been popular for centuries, as have been cabins and homes in the mountains. Stained glass and mountain homes are quite simply a perfect combination.

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