Have you always been interested in stained glass in the past? What has stopped you from purchasing any? Perhaps you thought that it wouldn’t fit your home because your windows aren’t a standard size? Or perhaps you never found a piece for sale in the style that you like? Or perhaps you’ve always longed for custom stained glass windows, but assumed they were only for people who would qualify for an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? If any of these reasons have kept you from adding the stained glass of your dreams to your home or commercial space, guess what? Custom Stained Glass can help. Because none of those issues are really issues at all.

Let us end your stained glass drought forever!

The experts at Custom Stained Glass can not only custom design a piece that will fit your style, but can also design a piece that will fit perfectly in any window you choose. That’s why we call it custom! Custom stained glass windows can be designed in any size or shape, to fit any existing window or even any open space in your home or business, for instance a half wall or partition.

And custom stained glass windows can be created in absolutely any style that you might like, from antique Celtic designs to modern minimalist geometrics and anything in between. Most people are astonished at the range and flexibility of stained glass design possibilities. Even for today’s churches, custom stained glass windows can be designed with traditional iconography or anything else. Anything at all.

Custom stained glass windows can be vividly colored or built using clear glass, with no color at all. They can use textured glass, beveled glass, or frosted glass. And when it comes to the styles, that’s all up to you and the décor of your home. Do you prefer to bring the outdoors in? Perhaps you would like our signature Aspen collection, or a traditional floral design. Do you admire some of the master architects of the twentieth century, such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh or Frank Lloyd Wright? We can design custom stained glass windows that are inspired by the work of these master designers.

By the way, did you know that many of our clients commission custom stained glass windows for privacy issues? That’s right. Stained glass entryways are one of our most popular commissions, including the sidelights, the transom above the front door, perhaps even the front door itself.

If you love stained glass and have always wanted it in your home, why wait another day? Your new, custom stained glass windows are only an appointment away. Please contact us today.