If you are a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass, you already know how amazing his work is. Have you dreamed of having a piece of this amazing style of artwork in your own home? If you have, Custom Stained Glass can help. Our designers can custom design stained glass in this style that will be completely unique.

When it comes to Frank Lloyd Wright, custom stained glass is not usually the first thing people think of. And yet, his stained glass windows, referred to as light screens, were an integral part of many of his iconic building designs. He actually designed and installed hundreds of pieces of stained glass, all bearing his distinctive stamp. Most of them still exist intact today, and the style remains widely popular and coveted among stained glass aficionados.

Frank Lloyd Wright, custom stained glass, and your home . . . a perfect match?

For those of you not familiar with his style, it is also sometimes referred to as the Mission Style. Mission Style is not exclusive to Frank Lloyd Wright, but was a style popular during his career. This type of stained glass is usually made up of intricate patterns, small pieces of clear glass with pops of earth tones or jewel tones, representing nature. It makes use of clean, geometric patterns that seem to work just as well in a Victorian home as in a modern one. Lloyd Wright was all about nature, and organic design. We don’t mean organic as in organic food, but as in allowing nature to become an integral part of the whole, even for a man-made dwelling.

Take a look at some of the Mission style, Frank Lloyd Wright custom stained glass designs we have done for previous clients here.

If you’ve seen Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass and would like something like that in your home, we share your good taste. His work is some of our favorite as well. We will never flat out copy one of his designs, though. Instead, we will use it as a jumping off point for a brand new design using his as inspiration. In this fashion, you can have Frank Lloyd Wright custom stained glass in your home or office. And since all of our work is custom designed, you can have this style of stained glass in any size or shape window, in any room of your home.

If you would like more information, or to set up an appointment with one of our stained glass design team, why not give us a call at Custom Stained Glass today?