When it comes to custom stained glass windows, Denver homeowners seem to agree: there’s nothing else that will lend such an air of elegance and classic beauty to a home. However, frequently it is the custom aspect that puts them off. There is a popular misconception that anything custom has to be out of the budget and out of the reach of the average homeowner.

Not true! We think you might be surprised at how affordable the custom stained glass windows Denver residents have commissioned from us. Of course, adding custom stained glass to the sidelights next to your front door will be less expensive than doing an entire row of windows in your living room, or doing that picture window behind your tub, because the price is largely determined by the size.

But if you really want to add stained glass to your home, it can work for any window in any room. Here are some of the places you might not have considered where we are installing custom stained glass windows for Denver clients:

1. The bathroom window: this can really add style to your bathroom, and give you some extra privacy that you might be lacking.

2. The basement windows: those small casement or well windows frequently are the only natural light in a basement, but oh, that view is so ugly. Adding stained glass creates interest, beauty, blocks the ugly, and still lets in the light.

3. The kitchen: this can be custom stained glass for the kitchen window, the patio door, or even the kitchen cabinet doors. Major style upgrade!

4. Transom windows: these windows that sit atop other windows or near the ceiling of a room are a largely overlooked architectural feature, designed to add more light to a room. But why not add some stained glass to take full advantage of them to add style and uniqueness as well?

With custom stained glass windows, Denver stained glass lovers can have this coveted art form in any style, any design, any colors at all. Or no color at all. There are endless choices of patterns, of glass textures and finishes, from pebbled and frosted to beveled or brightly colored.

If you are in the market for custom stained glass windows, Denver and the surrounding areas of the Front Range, why not give Custom Stained Glass a call today? We’d love to show you what we can do to make your home even more gorgeous, even more classy, even more stylish than it already is. Let us set up a no cost, in home appointment for you with one of our local and highly experienced designers.