How do you feel about the entryway to your home? Is it as well designed, as stylish, as welcoming as the rest of your home? Or have you left it pretty much the same as it was when you moved in, while showering attention on various other parts of the home.

Isn’t it time to show your entryway a little love? After all, it is the first thing visitors see when they come to your home, that all important first impression. Custom stained glass sidelights are the choice of discerning, beauty-loving Colorado homeowners who want their entryway to show off their classy and classic style.

But along with being a gorgeous way to say hello, custom stained glass sidelights also can serve an important practical purpose. When anyone comes to your front door, they can peer inside your home via the sidelights. If no one is home, if the place looks messy or dusty, strangers can see it. Perhaps you’d like a bit more privacy.

On the other hand, you don’t want to block the sunlight from entering what is typically a rather dark area of the home, do you? With our custom stained glass sidelights, usually in leaded glass designs that let in the light, you can have the privacy you want. And the gorgeousness you crave.

After all, who wants the same old, same old entryway as every other home on the block or in the development? Custom stained glass in your entryway is the perfect way to stand out. And were you aware that adding stained glass also adds value to your home, making it a terrific investment?

So, beauty, privacy, and added value, all with the installation of custom stained glass sidelights in any style, design, or pattern that you choose. And you will choose the style that best matches your own tastes and your home’s architecture and period.

Take a look at our stained glass sidelights gallery of photos, to see just some of the many custom sidelights we have created for customers in our two decades in business.

You might be wondering how the custom process works, or how expensive custom stained glass really is. Let’s look at both issues.

With our custom stained glass sidelights design process, we send a designer right to your home. You’ll have the opportunity to look at photos, sketches, and decide upon the design and pattern you like best.

As far as the cost, a large percentage of the cost of custom stained glass is the size, and sidelights are simply not that big, making them an extremely affordable option. So for beautiful custom stained glass sidelights next to your front door that will light up your entryway, please contact us today.