Custom stained glass will enhance the look of any room in your home. That’s because with our custom design process, we will create stained glass art that completely complements your existing décor, color scheme, architecture, or period of your home.

After two decades of building custom stained glass for customers in the Denver area and Front Range or Colorado, we know that our clients each have their own sense of style. We’ve never been in two homes that were decorated exactly alike. And we love to see our customers’ personalities shine through in their homes.

With that in mind, we work together, one-on-one, with each client to create a design that fits their style and personality. Custom stained glass allows us that kind of flexibility, easily. So whether your tastes run to simple patterns or elaborate and intricate designs, whether your home is all modern chrome and glass or a colorful Victorian, we can make the stained glass that will suit it perfectly. And suit you perfectly.

Are you an antiques lover? Would it surprise you to learn that we can build a brand new custom stained glass window that looks like an antique, or is even an replica of an existing antique window?

Or are you a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, the master architect and stained glass designer? Many of our clients didn’t know that Wright did hundreds of stained glass windows, which he considered an integral part of his iconic building designs. But once they see these panels, which Wright referred to not as stained glass windows, but as “light screens,” they fall in love. Did you know that here at Custom Stained Glass, we are also big fans of Mr. Wright and would be delighted to build you custom stained glass windows or doors inspired by his work?

Whatever your style, we will create a design to complement it. In this way, your custom stained glass experience will delight you from initial design consultation to finished windows installed in your home. Again, because we do custom work, we can create one of our high-quality stained glass panels to be installed in any window in any room in your home, any size, any shape.

Do you have a room in your home that needs a bit of design oomph? Needs a stunning focal point to bring it all together? Or do you have a room where you’d like a bit more privacy; perhaps the entryway or bathroom windows? Or do you just love the look of stained glass and would love it in your home? In any case, why not give us a call today to set up an appointment with one of our designers and turn your stained glass dreams into realities?