Does your home have any transom windows? Those narrow windows that sit either above your regular windows, or perhaps even up near the ceiling of a room? These windows are added to let in more light to a home, but they are frequently ignored as a unique design feature. Take advantage of this feature with transom custom stained glass!

Another place you might find a transom window is directly above your front door. This window can be rectangular or even a half-moon shape. In the U.K., this type of transom window is referred to as a ‘fanlight’ no matter what shape it actually is. Popular for centuries, you might have also heard of transom windows referred to as overlight, a hopper, or from the French, a vasistas. If you do have such a window above your front door, this is a perfect place for transom custom stained glass, regardless of whether you are going to add matching sidelights or not.

Stained glass in your entryway transom adds beauty, interest, and uniqueness to what is frequently a dull and uninteresting area of a home. And why would you want a boring entryway, when that is the first impression visitors have of your home?

Click here to see some of our stained glass entryways and pay close attention to how phenomenal they look with transom custom stained glass.

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Instead of leaving your transoms bare, adding custom stained glass can turn them into a pleasing focal point that actually ties together your décor in an elegant way. It can add more privacy if you need it. It can add a dose of vibrant color and pattern. Or it can even block a bit too much sun, if that is an issue.

Transom’s are a great architectural detail in any room of a home. Why not take advantage of them with custom transom stained glass? In any styles or designs, from the antique to the latest trend in home décor? Each piece we do is custom to your tastes and your style.

If you are in the market for transom custom stained glass, or you would like to explore the possibilities, we hope you will give us a call today. We serve the entire Colorado Front Range and have twenty plus years of experience to call on. Make an appointment for one of our talented design staff to come out to your house and help create a gorgeous transom design that will take any room from well-furnished to extraordinary!