This country has produced many fine architects and building designers, but none more iconic than Frank Lloyd Wright. One of the reasons his buildings were so extraordinary (and so many are historic sites today) is not just for the architecture alone—it’s also the way he designed every detail of the interiors, including the furnishings and the art works. And the stunning stained glass windows, which Wright considered an integral part of the whole building’s design and he referred to as “light screens.”

Frank Lloyd Wright custom stained glass is still highly sought after today. Mr. Wright was at the height of his career during what was known as the Mission period of design. Mission style stained glass is frequently associated with Frank Lloyd Wright, although other designers of that time period also used the clean geometric patterns of this style.

With Frank Lloyd Wright custom stained glass, our clients can have the look of this master’s work in their own homes. When he designed stained glass windows, the patterns usually consisted of clear glass combined with earth or jewel toned glass in striking geometric designs. Intricate patterns and chevrons characterize the Mission style, as well as Frank Lloyd Wright’s style. This style can work well with a wide variety of architectural styles. If you love this style of stained glass, we’d love to work with you.

When we say Frank Lloyd Wright custom stained glass, we are not copying any of his designs directly. Instead, we are using them for inspiration. We have studied his style and love to create new designs with the same look and feel of Wright’s designs.

Click here to see some of the Mission style stained glass windows we have created for clients in the past couple of decades. Would this style work in your home or offices?

The Prairie style of the Arts and Crafts design movement in the early twentieth century is also associated with Frank Lloyd Wright. Click here to see some of the many Prairie style designs we have created for our customers.

Frank Lloyd Wright custom stained glass is one of our favorites. All of our stained glass windows and doors are custom designed for our clients, to their tastes. If you are interested in the Mission or the Prairie style, or you have seen some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing stained glass and would like something similar in your own home, please give us a call today. We will set up an appointment for you in your home with one of our local designers. Together, you will create your own Wright inspired stained glass designs.