We consider ourselves to be custom stained glass installation experts. And that’s a good thing for our thousands of customers. We believe it’s not enough just to custom design stunning stained glass for our clients. It’s not enough to hand-build the stained glass panels using the finest quality materials and skilled artisans.

Because stained glass is only as good as its installation! With our custom stained glass installation, Denver customers can rest secure, knowing that we have chosen the perfect installation method for their particular windows or door panels.

Did you know that there are different methods to install stained glass in a window? Even one hundred years ago, the stained glass panel was merely inserted into the empty window frame, leaving the stained glass to fend for itself in the elements. Today, with our custom stained glass installation, Denver customers do not face this situation. Every stained glass window we install is bonded to the existing glass already in the window frame. This provides a layer of protection for the new stained glass, and ensures it is never exposed to the elements. Your stunning piece of glass art will stay cleaner and more beautiful much longer with this type of expert installation process.

But that isn’t the only type of custom stained glass installation Denver customers might receive. If, for instance, they have commissioned a piece of bathroom stained glass for their shower door or even a window in the shower itself, then we would protect the stained glass on both sides. Not only would it have the clear pane of glass protecting the exterior, it would have a second clear pane of glass protecting it from the moisture in your bathroom as well. Think “stained glass sandwich” and you’ll understand exactly what we are talking about.

And that’s not the end of it! We also offer a third type of custom stained glass installation, Denver! That’s a hanging panel, which is not inserted into a window or door, but hung loose on chains. It can be hung in front of a window, in a pass through, or just on the wall. With this type of installation, it is easy to move the stained glass panel when you move, or simply move it to another room in your house if you redecorate or decide it would look better elsewhere.

We frequently use this type of installation methods for clients who have purchased one of our stained glass antique windows, of a size that does not fit into any of their windows.

For more information about custom stained glass installation, Denver or across the state of Colorado, please give us a call today.

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, art connoisseur, and the owner of Custom Stained Glass. Martin learned how to make stained glass windows in Glasgow and possesses over 35 years of industry experience. After moving to the United States, he began selling items from his antique collection and opened his own studio. Today, his company produces some of the finest stained glass windows in the nation. Over the years, Martin's company has created more than 50,000 custom stained glass, beveled, and leaded glass windows for homes, churches, and buildings across the country.