In Denver, custom stained glass is a terrific way of personalizing a home to the homeowners own tastes. Stained glass is such a flexible art form, it lends itself to many different styles and designs. So no matter what style your home is, or what sort of décor you’ve finished it with, there will be a perfect style of stained glass that can complement it.

One of our favorite things is finding the perfect stained glass design to match our clients’ homes and tastes. For stained glass and art lovers in Denver, custom stained glass gives them an individualized look they love. It takes any home from ordinary to incredible.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and all different styles. From the traditional Arts and Crafts style cabin from the early twentieth century to the modern sprawling suburban mansion, and every type of home in between, houses have a specific style. And so do their owners. When we do custom stained glass, we seek to match your style, using something that really work’s with your home’s décor and architecture. That aforementioned Craftsman style cabin might look phenomenal with antique stained glass or a floral or Celtic design. That modern mansion might be perfect with our own signature Aspen style or another modern style of design such as the Mission style or something inspired by the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright or other iconic architects and stained glass designers.


One of the most popular places for stained glass is the home’s entryway. For our clients in Denver, custom stained glass is usually about adding beauty and value to their home, but in the case of an entryway, it might have another wholly practical application: adding more privacy. By using leaded stained glass in a home’s sidelights and front door, the homeowner can have the privacy they are looking for, add value to their home, and even let in more light than before.

When it comes to clients in Denver, custom stained glass means having exactly what they want. The colors, patterns, and designs they want. We accomplish this with our custom design process, which starts with an in home visit by one of our talented stained glass designers. She’ll take a look at the way you’ve furnished your home, the style of your home, and start offering suggestions and showing you photos and sketches of designs that might work.

From that starting point, you’ll be able to find the perfect design for the stained glass windows that meet your tastes. Why not give us a call today to set up the initial no-cost design consultation, and take your home to the never level of style and aesthetics with custom stained glass windows or doors?