Why add custom stained glass to basement windows? We can offer you quite a few great reasons why custom stained glass basement windows would work for you.

1. Beauty, elegance, class, style, uniqueness: yep, these are the main reasons anyone adds stained glass anywhere. Custom stained glass basement windows make a stunning statement. They might just be the final finishing touch that takes your upscale, remodeled basement to the next level of cool chic décor.

2. Block that ugly view. Does your basement have those little well windows with the metal wells outside? Or do the windows show off the bottom end of a shrub? If so, you want to hide that ugly view, but you don’t want to block the precious natural sunlight that filters into the basement, right? Our custom stained glass basement windows come to the rescue with style to spare, giving your windows a dressing that lets in the light and is gorgeous at the same time. Never look at a metal window well again!

3. Value! You’ve probably already added value to your home with your basement remodel. Perhaps you’ve put in a home theater, a home office, a spare bedroom, a new bathroom, or a mother in law apartment. Now add on even more value with our custom stained glass basement windows, designed to match your specifications, your tastes, and your style.

When you work with Custom Stained Glass, our name tells the tale. We do each window custom, any size, any shape, for any room of a home. When it comes to the basement, many of our clients prefer the leaded and beveled stained glass style. This style uses frosted and textured glass, colorless, that will match with any existing décor or color scheme, and will let in as much light as possible.

Click here to take a virtual stroll through our leaded and beveled custom stained glass photo gallery. Can you imagine one of these lovely designs in your basement? The beveled glass in this style is perfect for a basement, because it will catch and refract the light, scattering it around the room. But if that’s not your style, we can create our custom stained glass basement windows in any other style you prefer, from antique to modern, from traditional to one of a kind, and anything in between.

Are you looking for custom stained glass basement windows? If you are, we’d love to earn your business. Why not set up a no-cost, in-home appointment with one of our experienced and talented stained glass designers? Why not take your basement from finished to fantastic? Why not give us a call today?