Stained glass can be found all over the world, but perhaps some of the most beautiful and wondrous works are those residing in Europe’s historic chapels, churches, and cathedrals. Stained glass in Europe has gone through numerous adaptations and changed dramatically over the years. However, from France to Spain and beyond, one commonality that all these works share is their immense beauty. Standing below stained glass, one can’t helped but to be captivated by the changing colors and light. Below, we’ve described some of our favorite stained glass windows in Europe.

Awe-Inspiring Stained Glass Windows in Europe

Whether you’re someone who simply appreciates art or is fascinated by stained glass in particular, you’re sure to love these beautiful stained glass windows in Europe.

The Sagrada Família

Construction for La Sagrada Familia began in Barcelona in 1882, but was paused just a few years later when the original architect was asked to step down. In his place, Antoni Gaudi assumed the position and began designing a building that would later be acclaimed as a masterpiece. However, mid-way through, Gaudi died in a tragic accident and years later, many of his drawings were lost in a horrific fire. However, construction never halted, and architects worked attentively to carry his vision to fruition. In 2001, the beautiful stained glass windows were added to the basilica. Today, construction on this enormous church still continues.

Notre Dame de Paris

The stained glass windows in the Notre Dame de Paris, particularly the rose window, are perhaps some of the most famous stained glass windows in Europe. Construction of the cathedral began in 1163 and the stained glass was added in 1225. In 2019, the cathedral caught fire and suffered considerable damage, though the stained glass was not harmed.

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