When it comes to stained glass–there is no better place than an entryway!  It is stunning and lets in just the right amount of light. You also have a lot of latitude for privacy concerns since you can choose the privacy level that works for you.  Now that you understand how fantastic stained glass in the entryway of your home, its time to decide what style of stained glass. The cool thing is stained glass is you are sure to find something right for your house–because it comes in so many styles.   Read below to find a fit for your house!

Top 3 Styles of Stained Glass For Entryways

  1. Beveled And Textured Stained Glass: Made by taking  thick clear glass and cutting it into various shapes with angles–beveled stained glass is lovely in entryways.  Add to this the elegant look of textured stained glass that can vary in opacity and you have the right combination for the sidelight of your Houston home. You get exactly the privacy level you need to protect those inside your home from unwanted protection.  Plus, the way the light shines through creates incredible prisms to fill your entryway with dancing light.
  2. Art Deco Stained Glass:  There is a resurgence of geometric motifs in the country right now and here in Houston is no exception.  Which is why Art Deco stained glass, made up of primarily straight lines or mirrored images–is perfect for any home–new or old.  The patterns of yesterday are in again and look stunning matched with most style homes from craftsman to contemporary. Also, Art Deco glass is highly sought after and likely to boost your resale value when you sell.
  3. Antique Style Stained Glass:  For those who own older homes and wish to keep its vintage charm intact–antique style stained glass is the key.  We reproduce nearly any type of antique styles you may need and have been doing so for over 25 years. We get requests for all sorts of antique styles but Craftsman, Greene and Greene, mid-century and Victorian-style stained glass–are top of the list. They are just right for vintage homes that want to keep that original feel. 

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