Regardless of whether you are simply remodeling a vintage home to make it more modern or building a whole new one privacy stained glass is the perfect addition.  As city populations increase we are all living closer together and privacy is at a premium.  And, with a global pandemic on our hands, more of us are spending a lot of time at home. This means in In areas like bathrooms, front doors and kitchen windows that face the neighbor’s homes stylish privacy solutions are sorely needed.  Modern stained glass is the perfect way to achieve this– here is why. 

Why Modern Stained Glass Makes Great Privacy Glass

Modern Stained Glass Adds Style

 Home renovations are big right now.  Taking something vintage and adding a modern element is an idea is also having its day. Choosing to install modern stained glass in an old home is therefore the perfect way to update it into something hip and modern stained glass in modern homes just makes sense.  Either way you cut it– modern stained glass fits into homes new and old since it is seemingly ubiquitous.  It adds a lovely, stylish element to any home and, of course, privacy.

Modern Stained Glass Adds Privacy

Stained glass is a great way to add more privacy to a home.  And, modern stained glass works especially well for solving privacy issues  Why?  Because modern stained glass is less regimented and comes in different patterns and colors so the sky is literally the limit.  Since it is so adaptable you can use it to give a little privacy or a whole lot–either is an easy customization that looks modern and cool.

Modern Stained Glass Adds Home Value

Modern stained glass is obviously very striking. It also adds much-needed privacy to critical parts of your home.  These two benefits add up to one thing– more value for your home. It will likely appraise for more because the value of stained glass per square foot almost always appraises for more than what you paid.  Plus, it adds to curb appeal. Finally,  houses with stained glass sell faster than comparable houses without it.

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