Our Company

Custom Stained Glass is humbly presented by Scottish Stained Glass. Scottish Stained Glass has been the leading custom stained glass studio in the nation for over two decades. We’ve custom built stained glass features for a variety of different applications across residential, commercial, and religious properties. With over 100,000 custom stained glass windows handcrafted for clients nationwide, we’ve created a process that unifies beautiful glass art with leading engineering techniques for windows that last a lifetime. Our team is comprised of highly-advanced stained glass artisans that have some of the most specialized skills in the world. By implementing all the stained glass techniques created throughout history in combination with modern-day technology, we’re able to create one of kind art specifically for your home.

Our passion for stained glass and dedication to the continued learning of this art form has made us the industry leader in custom stained glass. We welcome you to purchase our most loved custom designs for your home. We’re proud to be able to provide this unique interface that allows homeowners and interior designers the opportunity to have easy access to premium custom stained glass. Don’t worry though; if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, one of our stained glass artisans would be more than happy to work with you on a custom design.

For more information regarding our company or exclusive custom stained glass services, please contact us!

Our Founder

Martin Faith, Founder and President

Martin Faith, our founder and president, is a highly trained and gifted stained glass artist with over 30 years of experience. Trained in Scotland, Martin has incorporated traditional stained glass techniques with modern-day advancements to create stunning, one of a kind art. He’s had the pleasure of creating custom stained glass windows for incredible establishments throughout the nation and is honored to bring them to your home.