Scottish Stained Glass provides the highest quality custom stained glass windows and panels on the market. Today there is a huge amount of low quality stained glass coming from China and a smaller but still significant amount of custom stained glass coming from inexperienced US designers and producers. Whether you work with us, or any other domestic producer, make sure to ask about the quality of the workmanship.

Scottish Stained Glass is a company you can trust. We have produced high quality, custom stained glass for 20 years. Having installed more than 40,000 stained and leaded glass windows we have the expertise and experience that is needed to complete quality windows that will last for decades if not centuries to come.

High quality stained glass is produced from the highest quality of materials and best trained craftsman. Using a proprietary production process developed from years of education in Scotland and 20 years of practice in the United States, our owner Martin Faith has developed a network of artisans who are producing custom stained and leaded glass unlike anything on the market today.
We polish the lead and joints to even, matched colors and mount our designs in windows or panels with a century of enjoyment in mind.

Call us today and we will can provide you with a number of testimonials about our quality.