At Scottish Stained Glass, your custom stained glass window designs are our passion. Having completed more than 40,000 windows for more than 10,00 clients, we have the experience to make a beautiful stained glass window for your home. Our custom design process is well-tested has proven excellent at deriving a stained glass design that you and your family will find beautiful and functional (even if you don’t yet necessarily have any idea what that might be).  Founder and owner Martin Faith has spent more than 20 years designing custom stained glass windows and has perfected a multi-step design process as a result of all his experience.

First, we spend an appropriate amount of time learning about the existing design elements surrounding your potential stained glass window.  We talk with you about what might compliment these existing elements as well as listen to any thoughts you might have about the design.

Next, we show you a broad range of previously completed designs that are along the lines of something that might be appropriate for your window. Combining your feedback on these existing windows with the design guidance you may have  initially given helps us develop a handful of designs that demonstrate various options. Working together, we revise these designs until we have a custom stained glass window you would love to have in your home.

We then complete a  full-color rendering of what the custom stained glass designs would look like using the Adobe Photoshop progam, as well as creating a full size “CAD” draft of the design. The Photoshop mock-up gives you a good idea of how the various colors and textures of the stained or leaded glass design will look when put next to each other. The CAD draft allows you to gauge the size and scale of the window’s design elements and ensure that you like their relationship. In addition to providing you with the Photoshop drawing and full-size CAD plan, we also include sample glass to give you a chance to see the colors and textures that you chose.

Once we have your final sign off on the Photoshop mock up, CAD draft, and actual glass colors/textures, wewill actually put the glass into production. By adhering to this well-developed design process, our custom stained glass designs always meet or exceed the client’s expectations. We have never had a stained glass design refused or returned and our clients often comment on how much more beautiful their windows were than they had imagined.

If you are considering a custom stained glass window, contact Scottish Stained Glass today, we will match you with one of our designers and walk through our design process yourself. Toll Free 1-866-846-5758 or visit us at