Prairie Style stained glass has been a popular option for years. Known for its straight lines and simple patterns composed of geometric shapes, Prairie Style stained glass has been featured in many homes throughout the country.

But before we rave on, exactly what is Prairie Style? It comes out of the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1900s and is frequently attributed to the style of the most famed architect of that era, Frank Lloyd Wright.

For an example of this style of architecture, take a look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Westcott House, built in 1908 in Springfield, Ohio. Mr. Wright’s design philosophy was all about nature, and integrating it into his buildings, furnishings, and even his stained glass windows.

But not in a literal sense. You won’t find stained glass leaves or tree designs in the Prairie Style, it is more about nature’s color palette and designs that look like they blend right in with nature. Wright referred to his Prairie Style stained glass windows as light screens, which was an apt description. Because your stained glass windows will let in the light, while adding a beautiful aesthetic quality to your home.

You may sometimes hear the Prairie Style of stained glass also referred to as “Mission Style” or “Frank Lloyd Wright style.” Here at Custom Stained Glass, our designers and builders are hugely appreciative of this style of art. While we do not copy originals, we use them as our inspiration to create custom Prairie Style stained glass panels that work beautifully in your home’s existing décor.

You can see some of the hundreds of Prairie Style designs we’ve constructed for clients over the past twenty years in this gallery as well as this gallery. (click on any of the thumbnails to see an enlargement)

Lovely, aren’t they? One of our favorite features of this style of stained glass is the way it combines colored glass with clear glass, for a light, modern look that will never look dated or go out of style. They work with a wide variety of architectural styles, both interior and exterior.

Prairie Style stained glass is a fantastic fit in your kitchen cabinet doors, in your entryway sidelights or front door, in any transoms, and anywhere you choose to add the beauty of stained glass into your home. (Or office. Or hotel lobby. Or restaurant/bar. Of course!)

When you work with Custom Stained Glass, you will collaborate with one of our designers to come up with the perfect pattern, the perfect colors to complement your home and your tastes. Why not give us a call, today? You can schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design staff to create the Prairie Style stained glass windows or doors you have always wanted.

Take your décor to the next level with Prairie Style Stained Glass!