If you have Dalle de Verre stained glass you likely love it. This type of glass is absolutely stunning and unique. Usually, mosaic pieces with thick plate glass cut to various sized and strategically chipped on the surface for added texture–this type of glass is truly an art piece. However, since Dalle stained glass usually sits outside because of its somewhats sturdy construction–it tends to get damaged frequently. While structurally the glass can take the abuse of things like hail, heat, and rain–keeping it looking good long term can be challenging. So, not only can Dalle stained glass be repaired but more frequent repairs are needed because of its exposure to the elements.

How is Dalle stained glass repaired?

To understand how Dalle stained glass is repaired you must first understand how it is made. Dalle stained glass is made from thicker pieces of plate glass held together by epoxy dyed to give a mortared appearance. This results in an incredibly strong substrate that holds the Dalle de Verre glass in place. While good for standing up against the elements, this epoxy presents problems during restoration or repairs. After we remove the window from your property we must then hand chisel the mortar-like epoxy substance out by hand. This is a very labor-intensive process but needed to allow us to clean and repair the glass decimated by the elements. Once these repairs are done, we place the glass pieces in a custom-built box filled with sand (in their original layout) then pour fresh, dyed epoxy. After polishing the newly restored Dalle stained glass window to an eye-catching luster, we reinstall it at your location. 

Customstainedglass.com for your Dalle de Verre Stained Glass Restoration

You will be amazed at the difference a good repair makes on Dalle stained glass. However, you should always go with an experienced professional for this type of restoration. Here at Custom Stained Glass we have repaired scores and scores of this type of glass and know exactly how to finesse these challenging structures. Contact us today for more information on the Dalle de Verre stained glass repair process and to schedule an assessment of your glass today!