If you want to enjoy beautiful architecture, visit a historic hotel. Despite being decades old (some even older), these structures house some of the world’s most stunning artwork, furniture, and architectural designs. Furthermore, many historic hotels contain beautiful examples of stained glass. Below, we’ve shared our top five picks for stunning hotels with stained glass in the U.S.


5 Stunning Hotels with Stained Glass in the United States

In the U.S alone, we have many hotels that house exquisite glasswork. These hotels not only serve as a stop for tourists but also as an attraction for people to visit. Here are our top five favorites:


The Boulderado Hotel in Boulder

The Hotel Boulderado, founded in 1909 in Boulder, Colorado, is a historic property known for its Victorian beauty and Rocky Mountain grandeur. Due to age and gravity, the original stained glass ceiling began to sink and develop other structural difficulties 40 years ago. A few years ago, we helped restore the stained glass panels in this hotel. 


The Dome Bar in El Paso, Texas

Across from the Museum of Art, the Tiffany stained-glass dome of the Camino Real Hotel is one of El Paso’s many hidden attractions. Famous El Paso architect Henry Trost designed this building, which was initially known as the Paso del Norte Hotel.


 The Driskill in Austin, Texas

Jasper N. Preston & Son designed the Driskill Hotel, which opened in 1886. Its stunning hotel stained-glass dome dates from that time. Stanton Studios of Waco, Texas, has repaired it.


The Peabody Memphis in Tennessee

The Grand Lobby’s elaborate stained-glass skylight and carved wood ceiling, which measures 32 feet high and 3,100 square feet in total, is one of the hotel’s hallmark features.


The Capital Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas

The historic Capital Hotel, known as Little Rock’s “front porch,” has symbolized southern culture since it first opened its doors in 1877 . It is designed with beautiful stained glass windows that add elegance and beauty to the entire hotel.



Stained glass brings beauty to hotel lobbies, interiors, and exterior facades. We hope that you get to visit some of the hotels mentioned above so that you can witness the beauty of these magnificent works of art. 


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