Basement’s offer a unique opportunity to showcase custom stained glass in a way that most homeowner’s may not consider.

Custom stained glass basement windows can be used in a number of ways. Sometimes they can function as internal room dividers, providing division between different parts of the basement without blocking any of the limited natural light that may be entering a basement. Other times, basement stained glass can be used to hide the ugly concrete or metal window wells that are part of so many basements. In still other cases our custom stained glass is used in basements to provide privacy because the “basement” is actually at garden level and our clients are looking to ensure the privacy of their bedrooms or bathrooms.

Custom stained glass in your basement is also an opportunity to allow more light to enter a basement when compared to the windows covered by drapes or blinds. When this glass is colored it can also become a beautiful and striking piece of custom art work that can accent or even pull together a room.

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