If you’re a Denver resident and you have always wanted a custom-designed stained glass piece for
your home or business, we would be delighted to help. Custom Stained Glass has been custom
designing, building, as well as installing stained glass for over 20 years.

When it comes to custom stained glass windows, Denver has a long history. There are many older
homes in historic neighborhoods that were built with a stained glass window or two, way back in the
day. These windows add uniqueness and charm to a building, whether that building is a residence, a
business, or even a municipal building. But if your building did not come with any stained glass, it’s
an easy flaw to remedy. One of the easiest!

If you have a design in mind that you have always wanted but have never seen what you were
looking for, we can bring your stained glass visions to life. If your building is an older Victorian or a
Craftsman style bungalow home, or any other type of architecture, we can design the perfect custom
stained glass windows to complement it.

Custom stained glass windows, Denver residents . . . yes, we know you are demanding and want
exactly what you want. And Custom Stained Glass is set up to give it to you, down to the last detail.
Here’s how it works:

First you’ll have to set up an in-home (or in office) consultation with one of our design staff. Next,
during the appointment our designer will measure your windows and show you many samples,
designs, patterns, photos, etc. If you already know exactly what you want, great! If not, you’ll work
together to find the perfect pattern.

Would you like to get a jump start on that process, without even getting up off your sofa? Sure you
would. We invite you to take a stroll through our stained glass photo galleries. Click here to see some
of the work we have already done for our thousands of satisfied clients.

For custom stained glass windows, Denver homeowners frequently want something more subtle than
a business might. Perhaps clear and frosted colorless glass instead of bright vivid colors? This will
match any décor and continue to match even if you redecorate and change your décor. Or perhaps
some Mission inspired stained glass, which is mainly clear glass with pops of earth tones inserted
into the pattern?

Here’s our point. If you want stained glass, large or small, bright or muted, antique style or modern,
our mission is to create it for you. So for custom stained glass windows in Denver or the surrounding
Front Range areas, please contact us today.