If you have transom windows in your home, you already know how beautiful the extra light can be during the day. However you also know how little privacy this leaves you at night after the sun goes down and your neighbors can see directly into your home. Custom Stained Glass can design custom transom stained glass windows that can give you the privacy you want, without blocking all the light during the day.

Here’s the issue with transom windows. Because they sit up on top of your regular windows, or even higher near the ceiling, it’s very unlikely and impractical to cover them with any kind of curtains, shades, blinds, etc. So they are usually bare. This is no problem for houses on big lots with no nearby neighbors, but for homes near enough to see into each other’s windows or people in luxury high rises, transom windows allow full access to prying eyes.

We recommend turning bare into beautiful with transom custom stained glass. One of the reasons that transoms have been a popular architectural feature for a couple of hundred years is that they let so much more natural light into a room. And we all love and want natural light. There’s nothing like a sunny, airy room! For a transom, custom stained glass can be easily designed in such a way as to continue letting in as much light as possible, while blocking those prying eyes. This can be done with the use of frosted or textured glass, or light colored translucent glass, or any combination of these elements.

Transom custom stained glass can also be made in absolutely any style you like, in any shape or size, for any room of your home. Do you have a row of transoms near the ceiling of your living room? At Custom Stained Glass, we can meet with you in your home to help design the perfect stained glass windows that will:

1. Add value to your home.
2. Afford you the privacy you are looking for.
3. Match, complement, and enhance the décor of that room.
4. Add style, elegance, and class in the form of unique, hand-crafted pieces of art.
5. Turn a usually forgotten, taken for granted space into a true aesthetic focal point that takes a room from merely lovely to flat out luminous.

Curious? Wondering if transom custom stained glass is right for your windows? We invite you to take a look at our transom photo gallery. You’ll notice that some of the transom windows we’ve designed for previous clients are mostly clear, while others are a mix of frosted and brightly colored glass. That’s because they are truly custom, to your tastes, with no limitations on design or style or pattern.

If you are in the market for custom transom stained glass, why not give us a call today?

Martin Faith

Martin Faith is a proud Scotsman, art connoisseur, and the owner of Custom Stained Glass. Martin learned how to make stained glass windows in Glasgow and possesses over 35 years of industry experience. After moving to the United States, he began selling items from his antique collection and opened his own studio. Today, his company produces some of the finest stained glass windows in the nation. Over the years, Martin's company has created more than 50,000 custom stained glass, beveled, and leaded glass windows for homes, churches, and buildings across the country.