With custom stained glass, Denver citizens can adorn the windows and doors of their homes (and offices) with beautiful hand-crafted artwork that will tie their whole décor together. What happens when you add custom stained glass to a room? You create a focal point of elegance. You join a many hundreds of years old tradition. You infuse your space with class and uniqueness. And if you have your own personal style, you amp it up considerably.

How? By commissioning your stained glass in a custom design that matches your style. Here are some examples of custom stained glass Denver clients have commissioned from us to match their style.

1. Some Scottish friends of ours who are history buffs had us create stained glass for their entryway using Celtic knot designs. These windows matched perfectly with the feeling of the art and furnishings in their home.

2. A client who was an antiques dealer had us add custom stained glass in antique designs to the windows of his shop. Now the windows themselves are a calling card for his business that attracts many new customers.

3. Another client had a large property with many aspen trees, her favorite feature of the yard. We added an aspen pattern stained glass design to her dining room’s bay window, that actually enhanced the look of the aspens in her yard.

4. A client with an older, Victorian home had furnished her rooms to match that style. She loved all things Victorian. We did traditional floral designs in her kitchen, that gave it a wow factor and tied it in with the way she had decorated the rest of the house in a truly lovely way.

Custom stained glass, Denver homeowners are realizing, is the perfect way to make a statement in any room. But it can be done in a subtle yet unifying fashion that enhances the appeal of the entire room. Perhaps this is why more and more Denverites are contacting us for our custom-designed, hand-built stained glass. We can design for any room, any shape or size window.

With the installation of our beautiful stained glass, Denver clients report that their windows are even more striking than they had even imagined when they worked with us on the design. Yes, our clients do collaborate with us, telling us their ideas, showing us what they want, picking either from the hundreds of existing patterns or helping us create a brand new one.

If you are looking for custom stained glass, Denver and anywhere on the Front Range, we hope you will contact us today. We’d love to show off what we can do, and earn your business.