When it comes to custom stained glass, Denver homeowners know what they like when they see it. Although we have had some clients who’ve been overwhelmed by all the choices – at first – they have all loved being able to take part in our custom design process.

If you are thinking of adding custom stained glass in Denver, chances are good that you know what you want. Perhaps you have seen some stained glass in a friend or family member’s home, and it started your own creative juices flowing. Perhaps you have always admired stained glass and the elegance it can add to a home.

Perhaps you are an artist or designer in your own right, and want to transfer your style to a stained glass piece that will go into your windows and make your home even more individual than it already is. When working with Custom Stained Glass, Denver homeowners can have exactly what they like, what they’ve dreamed of or imagined.

Custom stained glass, Denver designers know, can come in a wide variety of different styles, patterns, colors, and even eras. In other words, if you loved the art from the Art Deco or Art Nouveau era, or maybe from the Mission period, or the antique styles of days gone by, you can have it.

Some of our clients are happy to choose from the designs we show them. Some have their own ideas. When you work with us, if you can tell us or show us your idea and we can get it down in a sketch, then we can definitely build and install it into any room in your home.

With custom stained glass, Denver homes achieve a thoroughly individual, unique look that will definitely set you apart from the other houses on the block. Sound good?

Let’s offer some visual inspiration!

Click here to see our Art Deco stained glass gallery.

Click here to see our Mission style stained glass gallery. (Although this style is frequently associated with Frank Lloyd Wright, there were many other stained glass designers at that time who also did wonderful Mission style stained glass art.)

Click here to see our antique stained glass gallery.

Click here to see our beveled stained glass gallery.

Feel free to peruse all of our design galleries. Perhaps one pattern will spark your own idea. Perhaps you will fall in love with a style or a design! If you are looking for the most gorgeous custom stained glass, Denver or anywhere across Colorado, we hope you will contact us for an appointment today.