Do you have a family crest? Have you always wanted one? Scottish stained glass has produced hundreds of custom stained glass family crests over the past 20 years. This one of a kind gift to a family member or even yourself offers you an alternative from the run of the mill holiday gifts.

Stained glass family crests are custom designed and built to match your exact specifications. They can be installed against an existing window, or can be delivered in a wooden frame and hung in front of an existing window.

This gift is the kind of gift that will last a lifetime. Stained glass windows endure decades if not multiple generations as beautiful and meaningful works of art for you and your family. Our Scottish heritage makes us especially interested in custom stained glass family crests because our founder, Martin Faith grew up in Glasgow, where family crests where routinely represented in stained glass and placed in the focal point of a home.

Contact us today and let us tell you more about the process!